Eagle’s Nest Park (migizi Wazoson) is a special and sacred place to Algonquin people. It’s one of the most prominent landmarks in Eastern Ontario and a source of great pride for all residents of Bancroft, Ontario. The sheer cliffs are composed of Faraday granite, a mass that covers over 50 square kilometres. Thus, it holds clues to the geological, environmental, and cultural history of how Indigenous peoples adapted after the last ice age.

The word Algonquin is thought to mean “at the place of spearing fishes and eels from the bow of a canoe”. The Algonquin, stewards of the land for centuries, understood that the spirits of the rocks, waters, forests, skies are part of us. No place epitomizes these qualities more than Eagles Nest.

Years ago, the volunteers of the Bancroft Field Naturalist Club established the first trail system on Eagles Nest. In 2017, Eagles Nest – An Algonquin Story established an interpretive trail highlighting early geology, flora and fauna, ancient, historic, and present/future land uses. All this is designed to strengthen respect for nature, our intrinsic connection to the environment and the responsibility of all people to protect it.

Sharing an Historic Story

Eagle’s Nest Park, as it’s now known, is maintained by the volunteer, not-for-profit Bancroft Area Stewardship Council (BASC). Recently, a number of trails were refurbished and re-routed to improve both safety and the visitor experience. The highlight was the completion of an accessible trail from the upper parking area to the Hawkwatch.

Now a can’t-miss tourist attraction, Eagle’s Nest Park recognizes the contributions and historic importance of Indigenous peoples. The Park represents new ways of working together during a historic period of reconciliation. The Algonquin people, so influential in shaping the Bancroft community, can share their story of Eagles Nest and in doing so, create a lasting memorial.

The Preserve at Bancroft Ridge Development lifestyle community is a strong supporter of the BASC. We encourage you and your family to become annual members. This contributes to ongoing maintenance, the creation of new programs and the future expansion of the trail system. What better way to instill in your children a respect for nature and a lifelong love of the great outdoors? After all, if the Algonquin taught us anything, it’s that we are all caretakers of beautiful land that is Eagle’s Nest Park.