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Homes September 10, 2021

Modular Homes: 6 Top Reasons for Surge in Popularity

There was a time when modular homes were viewed as the poor cousin of “stick” built houses. That’s simply no longer the case. Today’s modern modular construction requires no compromises from buyers. Material quality. Energy efficiency. Design. It all meets or exceeds traditional stick-built counterparts. Moreover, the new modular approach offers a myriad of benefits that’s driving a surge in popularity amongst home buyers increasingly searching for a sensible option in the current economy.

What is Modular Homes Construction?

So what exactly is modular construction? It’s really just a process – a process of building off-site, under controlled plant conditions. New homes are created in “modules” that are then transported and assembled on-site. Modular homes adhere to the same – or better – materials and codes as conventionally built homes – but are completed in about half the time.

Here are the top 6 benefits driving the move to modular:

Lifestyle community developers like The Preserve at Bancroft Ridge, are riding the wave of modular homes popularity.


Structurally, modular homes are generally stronger than homes built on-site. Why? Each module is engineered to withstand transportation and placement onto foundations. Once sealed, the modules become an integrated and super strong wall, floor and roof unit.

Quality Control

Leading manufacturers currently working with unique master-planned lifestyle community developers like The Preserve at Bancroft Ridge, offer better quality management. Plus, builders like Guildcrest Homes follow stringent QA/QC programs that feature independent inspection and testing protocols. Leading modular home manufacturers have great warranties and excellent customer service.

Best Materials

Modular homes meet or exceed the codes and standards as traditional homes. What’s more, they utilize wood, concrete and steel. These are the same architect-specified materials used in conventionally built counterparts.


Modular homes are greener. The best designs include fully equipped with energy-efficient windows, siding, and insulation. A better built home requires less energy to stay warm, cool and comfortable.

Turnaround Time

With traditional builds, site work comes first, followed by construction. With modular construction and building lot preparation happen simultaneously. This allows projects like master planned lifestyle communities to be completed in half the time.


For architects, modular provides options that allow for a perfect fit with the external aesthetics of the natural environment. Plus, modular homes are becoming the natural choice for a growing group of architects. They appreciate more sustainable design and less environmental impact.